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Rubik Recruiting offers Body Renting for all those companies looking for specialized technical personnel in the Information Technology sector.


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Body Renting

Body renting is a widely used formula in the IT industry, consisting of the practice of renting one’s own resources to another company.

Outsourcing using Body Renting, makes it possible to broker labor between companies, facilitating the recruitment of highly skilled professionals.

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Body renting


Why is body renting needed?

The instability of demand, combined with the difficulties encountered in the process of IT personnel search, are among the main motivations for companies to make use of this attractive service.

IT market, creates multiple difficulties for companies in the industry that face peaks and troughs in workflow.

In sentesi, the difficulty in recruiting highly skilled technical personnel in certain territories leaves many companies uncovered.

The times of the year when the flow of work reaches its peak poses obvious difficulties for enterprises.

Average salaries in the industry are steadily rising, and with fluctuating market trends, it is complex to expand the Team without risk.

That’s why Body Renting helps support a company in these pressured times by significantly reducing the cost of management.


The advantages offered by Body Renting

The greatest advantage of Body Renting results in a net reduction and control of labor costs.

In summary, the service makes it possible for the company to be in a particularly advantageous position by not having any contractual ties with the staff.

In recent years, with the advent of the pandemic that has generated shrinking revenues in several industries, companies are looking for alternative ways to recruit IT resources to meet changing market needs.

The search for an innovative solution in internal resource management, useful in meeting peaks and troughs in demand, are answered in IT body rental.

Formula that offers fixed and controlled costs, savings in IT staff recruitment, in-house training, and with resources ready in the immediate run-up to induction.


Body Renting in Practice

A dedicated Client Team is realized, specializing in rare technologies related to IT services and the ICT market.

The practice called outsourcing, is carried out without the need for the resource to physically go to the client’s office and totally in computer smart working mode.

A dedicated client team includes at a minimum two programmers working full-time (8 hours a day for 20 days a month) on designated activities. The total monthly working hours consumed amounted to about 320 hours.

The client reserves the full freedom to manage the resource as if it were its own employee and to integrate it into its own work management methodology, thus in contact with the other elements of the team, PMs and Team Leaders.

Clearly, it remains the responsibility of the service implementer to hire the resources as employees, taking full payment of taxes, contributions, health and social insurance, plus income taxes in accordance with Albanian law.


Taking advantage of Body Renting saves time and costs not only in the area of recruitment activities but also relative to the risks inherent in a hire.

The ability to test and interview the resource directly via videoconference with attached “live coding” sessions allows for lower risks and the ability to see the skills and requirements firsthand.

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