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Rubik Recruiting is a leading company in the HR in technology industry, thanks to its technical expertise developed over the years. Announces in-house a Team of recruiters specialized in the IT segment.


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What is
HR in technology

The HR in technology service includes the search and selection of highly specialized personnel in the Information Technology segment.

This means acting directly in the IT job market with an exclusive and dedicated approach aimed at identifying the best technology and digital skills.

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02What benefits does it offer?
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Why is HR in technology needed?

The difficulty in finding and selecting highly skilled technical personnel is common in many companies.

Depending on the technology required, the territorial area, and the time frame needed, recruiting IT personnel could turn into a nightmare.

Being able to rely on an experienced partner who specializes vertically in human resources information technology is the optimal solution to leave any company focused on its most important activity: devoting itself to its business.

IT recruitment is a particularly profitable service for all types of companies.

Savings achieved in IT recruiting time, on hiring headhunters and training their IT recruiters are just some of the cornerstones on which the existence of a highly specialized IT recruiting company is based.



The benefits offered by HR in technology

Having a Head Hunter who specializes vertically in IT results in a net reduction in time and cost on hiring.

In-depth knowledge of the IT market make possible strategic advantages in the IT recruitment path.

In fact, candidates can be filtered by an experienced staff before going to the client for a specific profile for a cognitive interview.

This service results in an advantage for recruiting IT resources, saving the client countless wasted time on unsuitable or mismatched profiles.

The online HR IT service will give you access to a dedicated consultant who will offer you a complete recruiting cycle, identifying your resource and making it active in about 3 to 6 weeks from engagement.



HR in technology in Practice

The process begins by accessing the Companies page. From here it will be possible to express in detail the number of resources desired, the technologies chosen, and the time of engagement.

Having done this, a Head Hunter who specializes in recruiting IT developers will be assigned to the specific case. A fact-finding call will be organized in which the terms of service will be shared.

Once the job order has been placed, the recruiting process will begin, which on average takes 3 to 6 weeks. After an initial skimming of profiles, the client will receive anonymized CVs to select candidates.

After reviewing the candidates’ skills, the client may request to arrange a technical interview in which they can learn about and test the skills of the resources, including conducting live coding sessions.

Our organization has distinguished itself over the years as the best in the area, adept at recruiting the best digital resources in the Albanian IT job market, adopting an exclusive and dedicated approach.


Acting as a specialized IT HR Agency, we live the digital revolution as a key player, aligning the mismatch between supply and demand in the IT and ICT sector .

We also guarantee the possibility of contracting resources, offering you a dedicated and steady development plan of 3 developers per month, 10 developers in 3 months, and over 50 in a year!

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To receive more information and find out how you can access the benefits of the HR Informatica service, visit our “Companies” and fill out the form with all the information you need to be able to activate your request.

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