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Rubik Recruiting offers, taking advantage of the Time Material formula, the hiring of professional and experienced technical figures in the field of Information Technology.


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Time Material

When projects have to be carried out in the IT sector, it is often extremely complex for the vendor to quantify the overall effort and produce an estimate that can include every detail.

For this very reason, there has been a widespread need to enter into an open consultancy contract, called Time Material.

In this type of agreement, the supplier makes a rough estimate of the expected work days for each activity by identifying a daily cost for its resources (Time) and a fixed cost for the materials that will be used (Material).

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What is the purpose of the Time Material?

There are many variables at play in IT services: from the quality expected by the client, to user cases that are difficult to predict, to training activities for those who will use the software or even the extra hours due to any last-minute contingencies.

Time Material helps to lower the risks related to quantifying project effort and is an ideal solution for peak production management.

With this formula, the parties can start working together directly, without any loss of time, by simply agreeing on the cost of a day’s work and a given material.

All of this helps to resolve the slowness that can lurk during a budgeting phase (often long and complex as well as onerous for the supplier) and to manage projects defined as “emergency” with a great deal of flexibility.


The advantages offered by Time Material

The quintessential “plus” offered by this formula is precisely that of having the Team available for as long as necessary in order to achieve the set goals.

The work group is then managed independently by the client, placing its Managers closely with the resources secured by the supplier in Body Rental.

Among the many advantages found inoutsourcing human resources using the Time Material formula we can find:

  • Significant savings for staff recruitment.
  • Savings in staff training.
  • Immediacy in resource placement.
  • No accountability on hiring.
  • Quality assurance given by the supplier.
  • Continuous assistance to the end of need.
  • Analysis and advice on the best solutions to adopt.


The Time Material in Practice

Thanks to Time Material , it is possible to build around the business needs a relocated Team with excellent skills in the IT segment.

All resources are selected by Technical Recruiter experts, with vertical expertise in IT recruitment, thus sharing with the client only level profiles.

Your Team will work 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, for 8 hours a day just as if they were physically in your office, in the manner of a Body Rental!

Communication with resources is handled freely by the client, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., with no constraints on methodologies, thus in continuous contact with other team elements, PMs and Team Leaders.

The amounts billed monthly by the provider will derive from the number of actual working days performed by the resources, with no surprises and total transparency.


Time Material is a commonly used formula throughout Europe. With the advent of the pandemic, large companies are increasingly open to creating outsourced Teams by collaborating with their programmer remotely.

Finding a trusted strategic partner, should be a priority for any company that wants to align its HR strategy with its set business goals.

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