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With the IT headhunting formula, Rubik provides its clients with a dedicated and experienced recruiter! Ready to implement your Developer Team remotely?


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What it means
IT headhunting

The term IT headhunter refers to a professional who specializes vertically in recruiting IT developers and programmers.

Procuring human resources is incredibly important for any type of business entity, which is why this specific skill has developed over the years.

01What is IT headhunting?

02What benefits does it offer?

03How to have a dedicated IT headhunting?

IT headhunting

What is IT headhunting?

A Head Hunter is a human resource recruiter, is a talent and head finder, searches for and then recruits the most interesting profiles that are on the market.

With the Head Hunter Informatica formula, we offer professionals who specialize in the IT industry vertically.

It is indeed necessary for the recruiter to be aware of the current IT market and the complex situation it embodies.

To recruit a developer, it is necessary to have had prior experience in the IT field, so that the skills and technical declination of each specific candidate can be optimally assessed.

A head hunter recruits only highly specialized personnel. His intervention is required to scout, contact, and introduce the company to rare, highly experienced resources with cross-functional technical skills.


What advantages does it offer?

“Looking for website programmer,” you typed it into Google thinking you could access an endless database of possibilities but were disappointed?

Recruiting a computer programmer has become a very complex job. A great deal of industry knowledge combined with high soft skills as well as technical skills is required.

Head Hunding service makes available to the company a number of remarkable benefits that are complicated to access:

  • The professional performs a screaming of the market, the organization for which he or she works, and implements a rigid selection process.
  • The ‘scouting activity is accelerated thanks to the personal network that the Head Hunter has built up over the years.
  • Make direct contact with the candidate, meeting them live through a physical presence in the target market.
  • It helps the branding of the company, increasing the desirability of the open position in the eyes of candidates.


How to have a dedicated IT headhunting?

If you too need support in finding computer programmers write to us directly from the “Companies“.

Requesting your trusted Head Hunder has never been easier!

This professional will help you create a team dedicated to your business reality. Our Staff already includes IT experts, programmers, mobile developers, all with a high level of profiling.

High level of operational capability, management aptitude and experience are the bulwarks on which our recruitment reality is based.

Desired candidates are often passive, that is, not active and looking for a new professional role. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to move and how to be able to trigger the interest of the best technical profiles in the market.


An Informatica Head Hunter must therefore find experienced profiles with specific high-level technical skills and capable of filling key roles in the corporate organizational chart.

His contribution consists of constant and specific research, a real scouting activity that requires a wide, varied and at the same time segmented network of contacts.

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To receive more information and find out how you can access the benefits of Head Hunter Informatica‘s service, visit our “Companies” and fill out the form with all the information you need to be able to activate your request.

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