Remote programmer

I want to be a remote programmer!

If we could all go back to childhood, we would probably answer the fateful question from the relative on duty like this, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

But why does working as a remote programmer currently seem to be such a coveted job?

Let’s find out together:

  1. A remote programmer can organize his time better.
  2. Convenience and breaks for those planning from home.
  3. Less stress and “working in pajamas”!
  4. A remote programmer can work while traveling.
  5. Geographical limits canceled!
  6. Conclusions.

1. A remote programmer can organize his time better.

remote programmer

Imagine no longer having to set your alarm clock for 6:30 a.m. every single morning!

Leaping from bed directly to your desk, lo and behold, you are already in the office in just 30 seconds!

As Dr. Frankenstein would say in a famous movie:

“It … could … work!”

Today, thanks in part to the smart working experienced during the pandemic, many companies around the world are looking for a remote programmer to add to their internal Team through platforms such as Upwork or Freelancer, or by adopting a more structured strategy by relying on an experienced IT recruiting partner such as Rubik Recruiting.

No need to move from home then.

In order to get to the office on time, scampering through the streets by bus, streetcar or car. Bye bye morning traffic!

Although such a situation might have seemed like a pipe dream a few years ago, today the dream is becoming a reality!

Those who are remote developers offering IT services directly from home can magically reclaim their time and schedule their day.

2. Convenience and breaks for those scheduling from home.

remote programmer

If you also aspire to become a remote developer, you have to get up to speed and be in line with some practices aimed at helping those who work from home, such as reading articles on blogs dedicated to programmers who work remotely such as Remote Work Hub o We Work Remotely.

Unlike the office, the home setting may lead you to spend much more time in front of the screen!

Not only work but also direct contact with your colleagues will take place through the use of computers.

This is precisely why it is important to dress comfortably and informally, scheduling breaks during which you can distract yourself and rebalance your energy.

3. Less stress and “working in pajamas!”

less stress working from home

Remotely you can dress in more comfortable clothing and save a lot of time without getting ready to go out.

In addition to this, you save a lot of time with the car if you need to use transportation to get to work.

By working from home, in close contact with the people you love, you can also manage stress better and create a more relaxed work environment.

In addition, you can use remote collaboration tools such as Slack or Zoom to keep in touch with colleagues and clients without having to worry about travel or relocation.

Italian research suggests that working remotely may relieve the mental and emotional pressure that comes with managing work commitments.

In contrast, a report on smart working carried out by WHO in collaboration with the International Labor Organization states:

Working from home could promote a healthier lifestyle.

Okay, but how?

If we wanted to use an example, working remotely would allow us to find the time space to prepare more nutritious and healthy meals.

So much better than the classic sandwich consumed in a hurry at the desk.

4. A remote programmer can work while traveling.

working while traveling

Are you an active person who loves to travel?

Then the remote programmer formula is right for you!

For several years now, various professions have been untethered from the need to ensure presence in a physical location.

Indeed, among the various digital nomad jobs, there is no shortage of Web and Software Developer jobs.

A sign of changing times, but above all, an opportunity for those who have always dreamed of doing their work in the place they most prefer.

Perhaps near the sea or from a foreign and exotic country, accessing a more “easy” lifestyle impossible to lead in big cities.

According to a report published in September 2021 by Brother Abroad, there would be more than 35,000,000 people worldwide who call themselves digital nomads.

With predictions of numbers continuing to rise, with 100,000,000 digital nomads by 2024 and one billion by 2035.

5. Geographical limits canceled!

no geographical limitation

However, the nullification of geographic boundaries generates a twofold positive implication.

In fact, both companies and programmers, will be able to access multiple benefits.

The biggest PRO for a company is undoubtedly access to talent: when you are not constrained by geographic boundaries, you can find the best people all over the world.

Same situation in reverse for the remote programmer.

In fact, the latter can, without any particular limitation, find employment in a foreign company by accessing higher salaries, without the need to move.

6. Conclusions

In summary, we understood how a remote programmer can access a multitude of truly unique benefits.

Regaining ownership of one’s time, better scheduling of the day and stress relief from work activities are among the main benefits.

If you would also like to try working completely remotely, please visit our candidates page!

You will have access to very high salaries, working with top European companies right from home!

Rubik Recruiting has the right job offer for you!